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“Just recently leased a home from Lion properties and all I can say is thank you to Letty and Jay for helping us secure a home that we liked in just a week. Great service, and if and when I move again, I will definitely check Lion properties first.”

– Troy D.
San Diego, CA

“I’ve dealt with my fair share of shady landlords in the past but when I came to Lion Properties it was a breath of fresh air! From viewing properties, to signing the lease, to allowing me to sublet room, my property manager Letty was amazing. Super friendly, professional and understanding. She always returned calls and emails in a prompt manner. I can honestly say I haven’t had a better experience than with Lion Properties! I highly recommend this company. You won’t be disappointed!!”

– Sarah N.
Huntington Beach, CA

“I absolutely recommend using Lion Properties to lease a property from. I had the pleasures of living in a condo that was managed by Lion Properties. Unfortunately my father had a stroke and I had to move back home and help my family. But while my husband and I were still on our own, Lion Properties really helped us out. Letty is SIMPLY AMAZING!! From the first day we met when she gave us the full detailed tour of our new home she was so sweet, helpful and made things fun. A few weeks after we moved in we found that the bathroom sink was leaking. After one call to Letty, she sends the maintenance man, who came to fix it on the next day. I remember one day locking my keys in the house. Letty had a spare key available for us to use at no cost. She was very professional and hard working. Thank You so much Letty! That was the BEST year of my life and I will be reaching out to you once we’re ready to move out in our own again. Thank You!”

– Sarah L.
Santa Ana, CA

“I do not have rental property myself, but I have three friends that utilize Lion Properties. I referred one of my friends to them based on their reputation and recommendation of the other two friends. Her previous tenant was a nightmare and she needed a property management company that was professional and knew the rental laws. In my business I am known as the “bar tender of auto repair” I know a lot of people and when they have a problem I can refer. I was happy to refer her to a reputable company that could assist her with her rental property and she continues to be very pleased with their services.”

– Val S.
Costa Mesa, CA

“Lion Properties has managed our rentals and my mother-in-law’s apartment building for over 15 years with integrity and professionalism. Letty is a wonder. She works very hard and long to meet all our needs as owners and the tenants’ needs as well. She puts in excellent tenants who pay the rent on time and do not damage our property. She sees that all the repairs and maintenance are done quickly and reasonably. My tenants comment to me that they like her very much as she ‘gets the job done’. My tenants stay in my properties for years and years which shows you they are happy with Lion Properties. Recently, Lion helped us with the sale of the apartment building. We sold it for above the asking price and appraisal. It took only 2.5 months from signing the listing to closing. We never had to leave our home to sign anything. They scheduled all the inspections and met the inspectors themselves. it was the simplest transaction we have ever had. Recently, my daughter needed a rental so, of course, we referred her to Letty. We feel fortunate to have had an excellent business relationship with this company for many years and plan to continue this for many years to come.”

– Suzanne C.
Los Alamitos, CA

“I just love Lion Property Management and Letty Flanagan! Letty is great! Always happy to help with any of the issues I may have had and quick to return my call. She is very respectful at all times.”

– Cindy F.
Anaheim, CA

“You cannot go wrong using Lion Properties as your property manager for your rental properties. Lion Properties came to the rescue for one of my customers that shared with me her frustrations with her tenants. Hearing about Don’s services through mutual associates I was happy to refer her to him. She has two properties, one in Huntington Beach and the other in Lancaster. He was able to assist her in finding a reputable property manager in Lancaster and took care of all the property management issues with her rental in Huntington Beach including finding a great tenant. She thanked me for the referral. Don and I have a happy customer! Val Mike’s Auto Repair Huntington Beach, CA”

– Google User

“After repairing a lot of damage left by a former long-term tenant, I hired Don to take over the management of the house. He found good tenants who haven’t damaged the property. He also increased the rent to market level, which more than offset his charges. If you have residential rental property you should call Don Deering.”

– Google User

“Don was able to help a client rent and manage his house. He was a tremendous help and the man is quite satisfied.”

– Google User